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Definitions: ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario) and Reserved Title of “Certified”

As an ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario) Certified Translator, many of my first-time clients find my name on the ATIO website search directory for Certified Translators and related professionals.  Though they were able to find my Certified Translation services via the ATIO website, many people do not actually know what “ATIO” stands for, or what it does.  This blog article will explain a few facts about ATIO and the Certified Translation profession in Ontario.

What is ATIO?

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) is a professional association that provides services that benefit its members and the public. It is a regulatory body that oversees the professions of Interpretation and Translation in the province of Ontario. ATIO is not a translation or interpreting agency, or a teaching institution. It does not issue Certified Translations.

Among its many functions, ATIO provides information about Certified Translations in Ontario to the general public.  It also maintains an online search directory of its members, so that people can easily connect with a Certified Translator who can offer certified translation services in the desired language combination.

To become a Certified Translator in Ontario, a translator must submit the appropriate credentials to ATIO for review, pass a professional examination, and pay the appropriate membership fees. For a guarantee of excellence and integrity in translation, look for the title of “Certified Translator.” The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) is the only organization in the province mandated by law to grant this certification. All those who hold it undertake to uphold a Code of Ethics, which includes such provisions as confidentiality of client information. The professional title of “Certified Translator” is your best assurance of quality.

“Certified” – A Reserved Title

Adapted from: ATIO | We stand by our words..

In Canada, professional titles are granted and administered by provincial or territorial authorities. On February 27, 1989, the Province of Ontario assented to The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario Act, granting such reserved title to ATIO members.

In Ontario, only ATIO members who are certified as a translator, conference interpreter, court interpreter, terminologist, community interpreter or medical interpreter are entitled to use the designation “Certified.”

ATIO is the professional association for translators, interpreters and terminologists in the province of Ontario, supporting and protecting the collective status, dignity and integrity of the language professions.

ATIO ensures that the public is well served. Through its professional standards and certification examination, it guarantees that its members’ clients and the public receive superior quality work.

“Certified Translator” Defined

The ATIO defines Certified Translators as “…professional communicators who use the written word to bring cultures and people together. With their in-depth knowledge of language, their extensive training and their specialized resources, they convey the essence of a message in another language, focusing on the author’s priorities: precision (for technical or legal documents), impact (for promotional or business writing), special terminology (for internal communications), etc.” (

Certified Translators – Qualified Professionals

Some Certified Translators are employed in the public or private sector. Over time, they acquire experience and expertise in their organization’s business and often become valued resources. Many ATIO members are staff translators, whose employers encourage them become certified in order to benefit from the resources and other benefits offered by the ATIO. Indeed, most governments and a growing number of companies in Ontario require ATIO certification as a condition of employment.

Other translators work independently in fields ranging from automotive to finance and from law to marketing. ATIO Certified Translators are hard working professionals dedicated to providing Certified Translations in 55 language combinations including French and English as well as Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others.


Loretta Murphy been a proud member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) since 2008, even serving on the Board of Directors for 2 years as Director of Independent Translators.  She provides Certified Translation services from Spanish and Portuguese to English to clients in Ontario and throughout Canada. To request a quote, go to: Translation Quote – Loretta Murphy Certified Translations (

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