Certified Transaltion

Certified Translation Services you can count on!

We provide Ministry-approved, Certified Translation Services from Portuguese to English and Spanish to English of Academic, Immigration and Legal documents, including:

      • Police Clearance Statements and Background Checks – Starting From: $40
      • Academic Diplomas & Certificates – Starting From: $40
      • College & University Transcripts – Starting From: $50
      • Legal Documents (property, contracts, etc.) – Free quote provided upon assessment
      • Medical Documents (reports, certificates, etc.) – Free quote provided upon assessment
      • Drivers Licences – Starting From: $40
      • Birth Certificates – Starting From: $50
      • Death Certificates – Starting From: $50
      • Marriage Certificates – Starting From: $50
      • Divorce Certificates – Starting From: $50
      • Websites – Free quote provided upon assessment
      • Financial Statements – Free quote provided upon assessment
      • Income Statements – Free quote provided upon assessment
      • Much more

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Our prices are extremely competitive in the Certified Translation market and
we offer several payment options, including Credit Card, Paypal and Interac

We have provided thousands of satisfied clients with Certified Translation
Services for their Academic documents, including University and College
Diplomas, Certificates and Transcripts, as well as Immigration documents, such
as Driver’s Licences, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates
and Death Certificates. For tax and financial matters, we offer fast Certified
Translation services of Income Statements, Financial Statements, Banking
Statements and Employment Contracts.

No matter what stage you are at, we’ve got your back!