What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a short, single page letter you should incorporate with each application. It is an ideal approach to showcase what you bring to the table, and why you need/want the job. It allows whoever is reviewing it to have an idea of who you are and your abilities – which are discussed in more detail in your resume (check out our blog post here on how to write an amazing resume). Keep in mind, first impressions are important.

There are many cover letter samples you can search on the internet. If you do choose to use a sample, make sure you customize it. The more unique, yet professional, the better! Here is a simple-to-follow outline!

Outline for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Your Name

Your Address

City, Province, Postal Code

Your Telephone Number

Your Email


Employer Name




City, Province, Postal Code

“Dear Mr./Mrs. Last Name” or “To whomever, it may concern,”:

Section 1: Since this is your opening section, you need to ensure it is solid and attracts the employer. Clarify why you are writing/applying. Portray the occupation you are applying for, including the position and employment title.

Section 2: Now we move into the real content of the letter. This is the place you get the chance to present yourself and explain to your potential manager why you fit the bill to carry out the position you are applying for. This is your opportunity to tell them what you bring to the table and why your skills and wisdom are ideal for the spot. Bear in mind to personalize as best as you can so that it complies with the job application!

Section 3-4: If necessary, these are the sections where you can clarify any worries a business may have about your capacity to do the job. It’s additionally where you can share achievements, examples of overcoming adversity, and whatever other bits of information may help persuade the company that you are the best candidate for the job.

Last Section: This is the place you wrap up your letter. Make a point of expressing your gratitude for considering you for the position and let them know they should not hesitate to contact you should they have any questions. This is also where you let them know how you anticipate following up with them.

Sincerely (or some other closing remark),



If you’d like to check out other templates and examples, check out this blog post!

Basic Errors Found in Cover Letters  

  1. Failing to review your letter prior to sending it

This includes ensuring that your word choice and spelling is accurate. Also, checking the nuts and bolts like the organization’s name and the position you’re applying for.

  1. Lying about your past encounters or exaggerating what you’ve done

Everybody’s permitted to boast a bit in their introductory letter, as long as it’s valid. Try not to mislead the organization or yourself. On the off chance that an organization has nothing that interests to you, you wouldn’t appreciate working there – and they’d rather not have you – so why try applying?

  1. Compensation requirements

Save that for the meeting.

  1. Getting excessively personal

The letter is an extraordinary opportunity to present yourself, but keep it about the position and keep it professional. The section where you discuss the organization can contain goodies about you.

We hope that these tips will allow you to write the most stellar cover letter and help you land the job you’ve got your eye on! If you have any questions or tips of your own, email info@lorettamurphytranslations.com We love hearing from you! Stay tuned to more work-related tips for success!

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